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Why React Native Framework is the Right Choice for Hybrid App Development

With different platforms like iOS, Android and Windows, app development technology in its initial days used to be distinct for each platform. Native app development is still an expensive affair in terms of time and development costs.

However, with evolving technology app development industry has achieved cross-platform frameworks like react native that allow Hybrid App Development. Using this technology, it is now possible to create mobile apps that can be executed on multiple operating systems, writing the code just once.

What is React Native?

React native is an open-source, JavaScript-based framework that allows code re-processing across diverse platforms. It helps developers to create truly native apps without compromising user experiences.

In technical terms, react native uses the concept of Bridge that enables asynchronous transmission and communication between the JavaScript and Native elements of the mobile operating system, irrespective of the differences in technologies.

Almost every App Development Company in India is now using react native for creating hybrid apps. There are several more reasons behind it; let’s find them.

Smooth Cross-Platform Development

When using react native, you can seamlessly use the similar architecture for hybrid mobile app development through JavaScript programming language and Declarative UI paradigm approach.

Given this, iOS and Android developers can share their roles across platforms or evaluate each other’s code, providing a whole new landscape for app development. This means Android app developers can perform the job of iOS services or vice versa.

Faster App Development

In comparison to other frameworks, Reactive Native allows faster development of mobile apps. You don’t need separate teams to handle the tasks of different platforms, only one team can manage the entire process. Reactive Native creates platform-specific versions of components, allowing single code to be reused across platforms. Hence, the productivity increases while making the entire app development process efficient and faster. Subsequently, the testing and maintenance also become stress-free.

Cost-Effective Development Process

The cost of hybrid app development process is lesser than iOS and Android App Development Services. The codes reuse capabilities in react native saves on development, making it a cost-effective framework used for creating hybrid apps.   

See Instant Output of Modifications

Along with the quick repetition of codes via JavaScript, whatever alterations are made in codes, they appear instantly. Unlike native app development, you don’t need to finish making changes to see the desired results. It offers a feature of Hot-reloading that help keep the app running while inserting new versions of the files edited at runtime. The feature is, especially, useful when you are making changes in the UI as you don't drop any of your states.

Third-Party Integration At Ease

Besides taking away the hassle of the native app development process, react native also allows effortless integration with various third-party services like cameras, permission to gallery usage, message box, GPS, etc.

React native comes with several different plugins, including multiple third-party libraries, to make the development task easier. It significantly offloads the task required for writing precise code to integrate external applications.

Get the Native Feel

An app developed under react native employs the same native platform APIs as any other app because the react-primitives render to native platform UI. So you receive the full benefits of an app without compromising the features of a native app. The core native components like text, image, and view make straightway to the native UI building blocks of the platform, providing the native-like user experience


React native framework offers a great set of ready to use components that gives a holistic approach to hybrid app development. These days, most app developers are using this framework to deliver unparalleled UI/UX, influence iOS and Android users, and drive growth. So there seems no stopping for hybrid apps based on react native in the near future.

WebMobril Technologies, a futuristic App Development Company in India, always uses contemporary technology to create hybrid apps. We have a team of react native experts who ensure every app is built with the best features and high-performance, tailored to customers' requirements.  


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