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Three Principles Every User Experience Designers Should Follow

Almost every designer chase for one common query ‘what is the perfect designing strategy to develop a user-friendly platform?’ While looking for an answer, the simple way would be by observing the design yourself. For designers, observation is the most critical asset when developing a design based on User Experience (UX). Basically, an apt design is not just the result of creative ideas. It is an amalgamation of multiple design elements picked thoughtfully to bring your imaginations to life.  

There are some key factors, before starting the designing task for user experience, all the designers must consider.  

  • Are the website or app visitors able to relate to the brand?
  • Did the users find what they were looking for?
  • Is your portfolio easy to understand by the end-user?
  • Are the features offered on the website or app easily accessible?

It is a common method among every well-established UI-UX design agency in India, to ensure all the above factors are taken care of while delivering the best designs to their clients. A unified solution works to make this possible- observe what the user is anticipating and frame the design strategy henceforth.

User Experience Design Process

There are some principles that influence user experience. Once your observation ends, you can refer to these principles while formulating a definite strategy to designing a good user experience.

Here are the principles you can consider.

  • Theme should be contextual

When a user lands on your platform, they should be able to have a streamlined journey through it, just like creating a storyline. They keep visiting your platform in order to look for more of it.

Your platform presenting content, imagery, information or offers based on context for every user would likely get a large user base. Thus, regardless of your website’s genre, you need a comprehensive site with a build-up to make a big hit.

A contextual theme of your platform requires to be easy to navigate, contains interesting product-related stories and use colors to fade or objectify a point. Gradually, you would notice regular streaming of organic traffic on your platform.

  • Familiarity to greater ROI

Investing a large amount in creative designers or buying costlier software won’t pay the worth till it helps in generating traffic and promising sales. The overall goal of designing the platform is to get a healthy return on investment. It’s true that a ground-breaking design is equally important, until it ensures viable conversion rates.

Even if you implement the latest frameworks or costly plugins to make your site appear good, it is of no use if a user doesn’t hit the buy button. Some simple sites with specified product lists, responsive designing, secure payment gateways, and category-based features manage to maintain good traffic.

One of the keys to making this happen with your site is, maintaining consistency across the different channels. Take note of the sticky details of each operating system and make sure your product looks the same on all the platforms.

You can use familiar patterns and presentation styles, do not bother about appearing naïve. Ultimately, users consume what they find is useful and satisfying. Your familiar design initiates the first step to an eventual trade.

  • Focus on the usability of the core offering

For user experience based design of your site, you don’t have to limit yourself to an attractive design. You must look at the ways to make it accessible as well. In this digital age, where users want everything at their fingertips, smartphones have become the latest platform for most businesses. Considering this phenomenal change, you must focus on simple designs with multiple offerings.

Even fewer elements on each page with prominent buttons can tend to increase the click rate. You can create a drop-down menu to make every piece of information accessible in a single tap.

Here are some additional tips to improve the usability of your platform and make product lists easily accessible -

  • Keep your site easily readable. Do not clutter the site with too much information on a single page. Customers won’t show interest and will bounce back from your site without making a purchase.
  • Do not unnecessarily use auto-refreshing information. It would create lags on a slow connection.
  • Attain clarity with a focus on your product. Hide some features and removing others, which are low on the priority list.

While designing the site, the main focus is to reduce the complexity, making it widely accessible. Put your strategy around keeping the design simple yet informative. Refrain from cluttered screen else, you may lose users instead of boosting the sales. A hybrid, responsive and flexible site is preferred over a uni-channel site. Users like sites that let them navigate them throughout the site without any hassle or confusion. It increases the chance of the same user visiting your site again and again to make the purchase.  

Designers at WebMobril Technologies, a top-notch UI UX Design Agency in India, take utmost care of the above-mentioned factors while creating a ground-breaking user experience for clients’ sites. Besides, our team of expert designers pay close attention to a visual hierarchy, established through using size, shape, color, orientation and motion.

Get in touch with WebMobril Technologies to get the perfect user experience for your website or mobile application.


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