Game tester

Experience – 2 to 4 Years

Job description

  • Testing of various games for Android and IOS.
  • Update all bug databases with accurate and complete information.
  • Work closely with product team and designers to understand requirements for quality assurance.
  • Concentrate on certain areas of the game and try every possibility available.
  • Identify and report functionality bugs.
  • Review game design and requirements documents and develop test plans
  • Test and report issues using JIRA, an issue tracking system used by the company.
  • Work independently with minimum guidance.
  • Execute and update Test cases assigned as per instructions and timelines.
  • Compare new versions of the game and replicate previous bugs to see if they have been fixed.
  • Follow-up and testing of the versions from beginning to the release of the game.
  • Must be an avid gamer and play games across genres and platforms.
  • Work with the development team on prioritizing the issues.
  • Must exhibit a strong and current passion for games and a strong sense of aesthetics applicable to producing AAA entertainment products.
  • Knowledge of other game platforms and current trends.
  • Time manager & decision-making abilities.
  • Communicating any issues to the game designers.
  • Recommending game additions or modifications

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